The following page contains information on how to take the most accurate measurements, and convert them to correct sizing of Harley-Davidson Motorclothes® items.


For the most accurate measurements, have someone else do the measuring, stand tall, yet relaxed and let the arms hang down at the sides. Keep the tape measure snug against the body and the tape measure parallel to the ground. Measurements are to be used as general guidelines for the corresponding sizes.

- CAPS: Measure the head, just above the ears and eyebrows or where you want the cap band to sit.

- CHEST & BUST: For jackets and vests, be sure to measure over a shirt or light sweater for the most accurate reading. Measure just under the arms and across the chest at the fullest point of the chest.

- WAIST: Measure loosely around the waist at the preferred height of the waistband, at the natural waist for most fits or slightly lower for the low-rise and boot cut. If measuring for chaps, measure over a pair of pants or jeans for correct sizing.

- INSEAM: Measure along the inner leg from the crotch to the sole of the shoe and boot.

- HIP: Simply measure all the way around the body at the broadest part of the hips (usually approximately 6 inches below the waist).

- GLOVES: Wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of the hand, excluding the thumb. Be sure to measure each hand separately, and use the largest measurement for sizing.

- HELMETS: Position a standard tape measure approximately one inch above the eyebrows. Be sure to begin measuring from zero. The tape measure will indicate the size of helmet you should start with.

Men's Measurements
Men's tall sizes for jackets and tops are 1 1/2" to 2" longer in both sleeve length. Sleeve length is measured from centre back of the neck.
Pant SizeAlpha SizeChest - inchesChest - cmSleeve Length - inchesSleeve Length - cmWaist - inchesWaist - cm
26XS30-3276-81cm32-32 1/281-83cm25-2763 1/2-68 1/2cm
28-30S34-3685-91cm3283-81cm28-3171-78 3/4cm
32-34M 38-4096-102cm33-33 1/283-84cm32-3581 1/4-89cm
36-38L42-44106-112cm34-34 1/285-86cm36-3991 1/2-99cm
40-43XL46-48117-122cm35 1/2-3690-91cm42-44107-112cm
442XL50-52127-132cm36 1/4-36 1/291-92cm45-48114-122cm
463XL54-56137-142cm16 1/2-36 3/492-93cm50-53127-135cm
484XL58-60147-152cm36 3/4-3793-94cm54-57137-145cm
505XL62-64158-163cm37 1/29458-60147-152cm
Women's Measurements
Women's tall sizes for jackets and tops are 1 1/2" longer in sleeve length and body length. Women's petite sizes for jackets and tops are 1 1/2" shorter in sleeve length and body length. Sleeve length is measured from centre back fo the neck.
Pants SizeAlpha SizeBust - inchesBust - cmSleeve Lenght - inchesSleeve Lenght - cmWaist - inchesWaist - cmLow Hip - inchesLow Hip - cm
242XS3281cm29 3/476cm26 1/267cm35 1/290cm
25-26XS3384cm3076cm27 1/270cm36 1/293cm
27-28S 34-3585-89cm30 1/4-30 3/876-77cm28 1/2-29 1/272-75cm37 1/2-38 1/295-98cm
29-30M36-3791-95cm30 1/2-30 3/477-78cm30 1/2-31 1/278-80cm39 1/2-40100-102cm
31-32L38 1/2-4098-102cm31-31 1/879-80cm33-34 1/283-88cm42-43 1/2107-111cm
34XL41 1/2-43 1/2105-111cm31 1/8-31 5/880-81cm36-3891-97cm45-47114-119cm
362XL45 1/2-47 1/2116-121cm31 7/8-32 1/881-82cm40-42102-107cm49-51125-130cm
Women's Plus Measurements
Women's tall silhouettes are adjusted proportionally for a slightly roomier fit. Sleeve length is measured from centre back.
Pants SizeAlpha SizeBust - inchesBust - cmSleeve Lenght - inchesSleeve Lenght - cmWaist - inchesWaist - cmLow Hip - inchesLow Hip - cm
20W1W44-46112-117cm31 3/4-3280-81cm39-4199-104cm46-48107-122cm
22W2W48-50122-127cm32 1/4-32 1/282-83cm43-45109-114cm50-52127-132cm
24W3W 52-54132-137cm33-33 1/484-85cm48-50122-127cm54-56137-142cm
Men's-Unisex SizeHand Circumference inchesHand Circumference cmWomen's SizeHand Circumference inchesHand Circumference cm
S7 1/2"19cmXS6"16cm
M8 1/2"21.5cmS7"18cm
L9 1/2" 24cmM8"20cm
XL10 1/2"26.5cmL9"23cm
2XL11 1/2"29cmXL10"25cm
3XL12 1/2"31.5cm2XL11"27cm
Leather Caps and Hats
SizeHat Sizeinchescm
32-34M 38-4096-102cm
Stretch Fit Baseball Caps - NEW ERA
SizeHat sizeinchescm
S7 7/8" - 7 1/4"21 5/8" - 22 3/4"55 - 58cm
M7 1/4 - 7 5/8"22 3/4" - 23 7/8"58 - 61cm
L7 5/8" - 8"23 7/8" - 25"60 - 64cm
Stretch Fit Baseball Caps - FLEXFIT
SizeHat sizeinchescm
S6 3/4" - 7 1/4"21 5/8" - 22"55 - 56cm
L7 1/8" - 7 5/8"22 1/2" - 22 7/8"57 - 58cm
Fitted Baseball Caps
SizeHat Sizeinchescm
S7 1/8"22 3/8"57cm
M7 1/4" 22 3/4"58cm
L7 3/8"23 1/4"59cm
XL7 1/2"23 1/2"60cm
2XL7 5/8"23 7/8"61cm
3XL7 3/4"24 1/4"62cm
4XL7 7/8"24 5/8"63cm
The sizes suggested below are specific to the manufacturer of each helmet. It is recommended that you visit our dealer to try helmets on prior to buying a helmet on-line.
hat sizeMeasurement inchescmAGVMHRHJC - J-TechBellAdjustable fit BellShark
6 3/8"20 1/4"51cm2XS2XS2XS2XS--
6 1/2"20 1/2"52cm2XS2XS2XS2XS--
6 5/8"20 7/8" 53cmXSXSXSXSXS/SXS
6 3/4"21 1/4"54cmXSXSXSSXS/SXS
6 7/8"21 5/8"55cmSSSSXS/SS
7 1/8"22 3/8"57cmMMMMMM
7 1/4"22 3/4"58cmMMMLMM
7 3/8"23 1/8"59cmLLLLLL
7 1/2"23 1/2"60cmLLLXLLL
7 5/8"24"61cmXLXLXLXLXL/2XLXL
7 1/4"24 3/8"62cmXLXLXL2XLXL/2XLXL
7 7/8"24 3/4"63cm2XL2XL2XL2XLXL/2XL-
825 1/8"64cm2XL2XL2XL---
8 1/8"25 1/2"65cm-3XL3XL---
8 1/4"2666cm-4XL3XL---
8 3/8"26 3/8"67cm--4XL---
8 1/2"26 3/4"68cm--4XL---
8 3/4"27 1/4"69cm--5XL (HJC only)---
8 7/8"27 8/5"70cm--5XL (HJC only)---
Use this sizing chart as a guideline in determining your helmet size. To measure correct helmet size, measure around the head, one inch above the eyebrows and match inch measurement to chart. If between sizes, it is suggested to go with the smaller size. The interior padding of your helmet will loosen and form to the shape of your head the longer it is worn. A helmet that is loose when new will get even looser once broken in. The final sizing decision will be that of the customer.